Silicon Carbide Laboratory
300 Main St. Columbia, SC-29208

 USC SiC Lab

    Silicon Carbide Laboratory at USC maintains an impressive technological infrastructure for Silicon Carbide Research.  The lab has in-house capabilities that stretch from bulk and epi growth to device fabrication and characterization.  The infrastructure is composed of both purchased commercial equipment as well as purpose built systems designed and built by researchers here at USC.  The lab has three operational bulk growth furnaces, two CVD reactors (one capable of HTCVD temperatures above 2000ˇăC), a fully stocked clean room facility for device fabrication, and characterization capabilities including SEM (including electron beam induced current mode SEM), polarized light microscopy, Raman spectral analysis, and atomic force microscopy (AFM).  These capabilities ensure productive research without dependence on external sources for testing, substrates, etc.  Use the links in the navigation bar to take a tour of the lab and meet the researchers in order to learn more about our work and the capabilities of the lab.